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+-2 Years Part-Time


17 May 2021

The specialised Short Learning Programme in Basic Programming is intensive and career-orientated. It prepares you for the world of work and acts as a very effective stepping stone to further studies in any of our Higher Certificates in Information Systems (IS). You will develop the knowledge and skills for work in the programming environment of the IT industry.

This Short Learning Programme provides you with a fair grounding of theoretical foundation of, and practical experience in the basics of one programming language, one database language and the use of one main operating system. The emphasis throughout is on application. The core subject areas include Programme Design, Software Engineering, Database Design and Management, and either Java or C# as the programming language. You also cover topics such as Computer Literacy, Personal Skills Development and Processing and Logic Concepts.

Much of the success of our Short Learning Programmes is due to our unique Mastery Learning Methodology (MLM). This modular self-directed learning approach, gives you the flexibility to start and progress through the programme at a pace that best suits you. This learning methodology, together with our cutting-edge facilities such as computer labs, IS open learning areas and smart pods, will prepare you for the real IT work environment of the future.

Over and above this, you will start developing essential skills for the world of work, especially for the IT industry, such as analysing and solving real problems, applying logic, being innovative and adaptable, working in teams and communicating effectively.

On completion of the Short Learning Programme, you can apply for a Credit Transfer (CT) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to study towards a PI Higher Certificates in the relevant field.

The career choices for you, as a Short Learning Programme in Basic Programming graduate, include junior positions in:

Programming, Database administration

It is a PI programme with modules that may articulate into the accredited Higher Certificates in Information Systems (Internet Development, Engineering and Software Development), at NQF level 5.

This Short Learning Programme is not accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC), nor is it registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) however the modules with in the short learning programme contains the accredited NQF level 5 modules which allows for direct articulation into the full qualifications.

There’s a popular myth that part-time online study equals lonely study. However, at Pearson Institute of Higher Education, we’ve busted this myth by creating our unique Virtual Learning Environment.

Even though you’ll be studying in your own time and space, we provide you with on-going support and motivation to ensure that you meet your goals and objectives.

This includes:
– Regular communication with our trained consultants
– Lecture communications and success-focused support
– Small group discussions on online forums
– A direct line of contact with your designated lecturer
– A live weekly lecture – online or on campus

Our Course is delivered over 3 Semesters (Trimesters) per year. And with 4 enrolment start dates per year it is easy for you to start your academic journey with us.

A Trimester has an average duration of about 14 weeks with two modules delivered sequentially allowing our students to focus on successfully completing one module at a time. Students will have a number of activities and task to be completed weekly keeping you progressing through the course supported by a live lecture weekly to consolidate your learning.

A formative assessment (exam) needs to be completed on Campus at the end of each module. And a small break between Trimesters will help you recharge and ready you for the next trimester.

Part time programme will take a student longer to complete due to the nature of the delivery. Typically, a part time programme will take a student 18 months to complete a level and about 5 years to complete all three levels while working.

When can I start? We kick off a new class on the first Monday of every month. That effectively means students have 10 opportunities throughout the year to enroll. For more information on the weekly module breakdown, please download the course structure.

Available start dates in 2021:
17 May, 5 July, 30 August, 18 October

Closing dates for Applications:
17 May 2021 intake – Applications close 3 May 2021

Admission requirements

You need a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) for diploma or certificate purposes and placement assessment.

National Senior Certificate (NSC) with diploma or certificate entry or an equivalent foreign secondary qualification on an NSC level confirmed by SAQA.

Obtain the required results in the Placement Assessment.

Want to learn more about our Part-time, online offerings? Send us your details and a consultant will call you back.