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Bachelor of Business Administration

The multidisciplinary nature of this degree prepares you for work in many areas of business and is an excellent foundation for careers in commerce, marketing, human resources and financial management.

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

Accounting is the language of business and the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting prepares you for many a career in the challenging world of accounting and finance.

Bachelor of Commerce in Law

Our degree is broad and intensive. You will cover the general principles and techniques of commerce and law within the context of specialist commerce groups.

Bachelor of Commerce

The multidisciplinary nature of this degree prepares you for work in any area of business.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

This qualification will help you develop your programming ability and hardware skills.

Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Engineering)

This qualification bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. It will help you develop your programming ability and hardware skills.

Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Software Development)

A career-focused qualification that is intensive but also broad. It will develop your programming ability and mobile development skills so that you can work in a range of areas in the IT industry.

Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Robotics & Intelligent Systems)

This Higher Certificate provides you with the fundamental and technical knowledge as well as applicable skills in areas of 4IR geared toward success in the IT Industry.

Higher Certificate in Business Management

The higher certificate is a good stepping-stone for those who do not meet the entry requirements for a degree but wish to gain entry to the PI Bachelor of Commerce after completing this programme.

Short Learning Programme in Basic Programming

Gives you a basic theoretical foundation of and practical experience in the basics of: one programming language, one database language and the use of one main operating system.

Why study at Pearson Institute of Higher Education?

Individualised and personalised

Our classes are smaller, supported by our Virtual Learning Environment, which allows us to focus on you and exactly what you need to learn. We also offer a range of support programmes for students to ensure your academic success.

Qualified and experienced staff

We value both academic qualification and real-world experience and our hands-on academic staff are experts at bringing theoretical information to life in the classroom, enabling practical application. Our lecturers and tutors will offer you the support you need to succeed.

Approach to learning

Our courses provide enough flexibility to support our students’ needs. We offer a supportive Virtual Learning Environment that paves the way for success and prepares each student for the fast-changing working world. Our unique approach to learning encourages critical, creative and strategic thinking and goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

Global heritage

Pearson Institute of Higher Education is a part of Pearson – the world’s learning company operating in over 70 countries. Pearson has the ability to make change happen on a global scale and is committed to creating positive social impact by supporting causes and issues that help remove the barriers to achieving better learning outcomes. As a part of this dynamic organisation, we also operate on the belief that wherever learning flourishes, so do people and economies.

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